An mentoring organization for young ladies age 13-18; ladies are empowered to develop values; self-respect; sound decision making skills; critical thinking and the leadership skills necessary to promote personal accountability and much more. These ladies work to obtain the internal power essential for personal growth and development. Through monthly meetings, volunteering and adhering to the core values of the group, each lady is able to spread her wings and fly.  Donations to 901 Butterflies will benefit this organization and its continued growth.   


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Changing lives one dollar at a time.  Contribute to the movement of changing lives and the world one dollar at a time. Together and $1.00 at a time we can move mountains.  

Butterfly Evolution invites you to help spread love, encouragement and true transformation one dollar at a time.   Donations to Butterfly Dollars will benefit this powerful movement and its continued growth.  

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Butterfly Evolution Empowerment


The Butterfly Evolution Radio Show airs each Monday night at 8 PM CST,  The mission is to promote personal transformation through the process of self-awareness.  The show is based upon Galatians 2:20 Dying To Live.  All shows are archived and available 24/7.  

Donations to Butterfly Evolution Radio Show will benefit this program and its continued growth.  

Be a guest on the show!  Have a story to tell or you are the Author who empowers and promotes unity, self-awareness, self-love and or transformation. Please submit a request to be on the show.