The 901-Butterflies Organization is no longer under operation. We enjoyed working with our Beautiful Butterflies and truly miss them. 

The Heart of Transformation




901-Butterflies is a mentoring program that provides a safe and nurturing environment where young ladies will be empowered by learning  to develop values, self-respect, goal setting, sound decision making and critical thinking skills that will promote personal accountability and the eternal power essential for personal growth and development.  901-Butterflies are held to a high standard; she must be willing to volunteer and stand out, she is encouraged to know her worth, hold herself and others accountable.  She should expect nothing but greatness!  

The 11-step program:

  • God First
  • Self Value & Love
  • A Different Kind Of Young Woman
  • ​Purpose Gifts & Talents
  • Education
  • Family First
  • I Am My Sister's Keeper
  • Etiquette
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Mr. Right
  • The Woman I Am Working To Be

To learn more about this organization or interested in becoming a

901-Butterfly please complete and submit the contact form.