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Butterfly Dollars 

Butterfly Dollars

Angels on the move

Butterfly Evolution is about transformation and promoting awareness that empowers people to change and promote change.  Sometimes in order to promote change we have to meet the needs of the people.  Example:  It is difficult to educate a child who is hungry or who's living conditions does not meet his or her immediate needs.  In addition, while $50.00 may be nothing to you it could be what keeps a family eating until the next payday.  Your butterfly dollars will convert to Angel Dollars.  Your donations will become wings and will float around the world starting in Memphis. We will show people that we care.  

Many years ago a neighbor knocked on my door and said these words.  God told me to give me $20.00.  She had no idea what these dollars meant to my home during this particular week.  She was my angel.  Donate your Butterfly Dollar today and be someone's Angel today.  Visit this site often as we will share how your dollars are making a difference.  

Feel free to donate more but all we are asking for is a butterfly dollar.